- Cooperation for travel agencies -

Dear colleagues!

We want to offer you cooperationin the field of travel in Russia and visa support

Cooperating with us you will be able to provide your customers with

 Visa support

Excursions and outdoor activities

Hotel accommodation

Transfers airport-hotel-airport

Translation services

Business aviation

You can choose 1 of 3 types of cooperation:


more than 10 applications every quarter (3 months)

Discount for business invitations — 5%

Discount for tourist invitations — 5%

Representative in the city

more than 20 applications every quarter (3 months)

Discount for business invitations — 10%

Discount for tourist invitations — 20%

Your contact information on our website


Work under our brand (company name, signboard, use of the logo on all advertising materials, use of the site, etc.)

900-3700 USD + 90-290 USD

Entrance fee

Monthly payments

Discount for business invitations — 20%

Discount for tourist invitations — 50%

Your contact information on our website

No competitors in your city (exclusive for your city, no more our franchisees and representatives exept you)

Creation and maintenance of an advertising company in Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords by our specialists

Ability to work with clients from neighboring countries in your region (if your language of communication coincides with their native)

Promotion of your unique tours around your country among our customers around the world

Help in organizing individual tours for your clients around the world

Partnership with you to serve our tourists visiting your country

Work in all areas (visas, tours, training, treatment, business trips, exhibitions) and promotion of your services

 24/7 contact with your manager

We provide services to private, corporate and government customers

Since 2004

All the necessary services in one company

Payment for our services from anywhere in the world

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